Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Skatelab with Keely last week.

Headed out to Skate Lab in Simi last week with Adam Keely.  Meet up with Cody Margott and got these shots of those guys. Nice skating guys!!


Monday, September 20, 2010

O.C. Friday Surf Session

Headed down to O.C. at the end of last week to get some shots.  While everyone else was down at Trestles for the Hurley Pro, I wanted to see how the Wedge and Salt Creek were shaping up.   I think I hit the swell one day early but still came away with some quality stuff. There are some spongers getting crazy at the wedge, plus some artsy pictures of that beast of a wave.  Then some of the rippers at Salt Creek.

Actually, from the reports I think Montauk is the place to be right now. Plus sets are running at 10 feet plus and the wind is good. So if your in NYC, I hope you made it out for acouple of fun ones.

Until next time, Shred everyday as if it's your last. -T 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

J.C. Stops by the Venice Skate Park!!

It seemed like any other day at the VSP.  Everyone skating, talking shit, and hanging out.  That was until Jesus Christ in the flesh showed up to see how his children play.  Jesus seemed to appear out of now where. This brought the park to a stand still and swiftly into mass hysteria.   Upon being invited into the park and taking a seat with all of us on a ledge, he had these questions: "How much did this place cost to make?",  "Who is the best skater here?", and finally "How do you do that and what does it feel like?".

J.C. seemed to really energize the skaters and I came away with these shots.  Here is Lance, Mighty, Cameron, Daniele, and Hayden all throwing down for him.  Before leaving he told us that Moses had forgotten the 11th Commandment, "You shall Shred thy Gnar".

Monday, September 13, 2010

Moday Morning wishing for surf!

Good morning to all out there. Hope you had a shred-tastic weekend.  Kind of thinking about surfing this A.M and wishing for some of that sweet swell that the East Coast has been receiving lately.  Well good thing there is a major 200 degree south swell making it's way to southern Cali right now!!  The Swell will start to arrive on thursday but here threw Sunday is the official report for friday and saturday.

Friday the 17th the French Poly swell comes to its peak with surf running head high at most south facing breaks, 1-2' overhead on the better sets at standout south facing breaks.
Saturday the 18th looks similar: head high+ for south facing breaks, with the top spots seeing set waves maxing out around 1-2' overhead.

So definitely stoked to get some new surf shots up on the blog.  Those will be coming through the weekend.  But for right now here is one of my favorites from right here in Malibu.
Until Next time and remember "At first you don't shred, try until you do Shred"!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Morning at Stoner Park

Went to Stoner Park to shoot this AM and nabbed these two shoots. There's Olan Prenatt and Stewart Kirst damaging this rail down the four set. Back Feeble and Frontside Tail!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday Night Carnage at the Cove!

Good Morning to to all the shredders and sheddettes out there!  Last night was Wednesday night at the cove.....Adults only.  Came away with these shots.  Hopefully they fulfill your stoke for the day.  Met up with Greg Lablanc to watch him destroy the 14 foot over vert.  Back from injury leave, popping a nice air to fakie and a lean air out of the mini I've got Adam Keely.  Bernie doing a lofty Bean plant over the spine.  Once again didn't get the name of this nice frontside 5.0 tail block. 

Note to all the viewers: Please become a follower of my Blog. Blogs are the new media outlets. The more Followers I have I can be considered a Media outlet.  This gives me valid credit for press credentials at events and possible advertising on the site as well.  Thanks for your support!

Till next time,  The most important thing is to not stop Shredding!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What the f@*K can I find on my hardrive Wednesday!!!

Happy Hump Day to all my fellow shredders out there! Here are three shots for every shred scenario.  We've got an unknown frontside cut back in malibu from last summers big swell,  Since snow is on everybody's mind lately; Jack Mitrani looking like a through back of Terje Haakenson circa 1994, and Lance Carrera-newton with what I think is the most tweaked out Front indy I've ever scene.  

Wednesday night is Adult Night at the Cove in SM.  I'm headed there to see who's dropping the Hammer. Check back tomorrow for those pix. Till next time,  When Life gives you lemons....Say F@*K the Lemons I'm going to SHRED.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Final upload from Labor Day Monday

So for the last of the day I've got Bennett Harada Solid as always with a boned out Front Indy,  The Fasted 6 year old on 4 wheels Asher the Thrasher,  Fresh on his new Pro model from SMA skates  Dave Fowler, and a nasty looking Stale Fish from Shane Allison's friend which whom I never got a name from.  Hook it up so I Can give you some props Brother!!!  Till Next time, Live Easy but Shred Hard!!! -T

Strait from the Dominican.. Daniel Cuervo!!!

What is there to say about this super nice kid from the Dominican Republic? As everyone at Venice says "Cuervo has huevos"!!!!

More Labor Day Monday Madness!!!

Shane Allison was another one throwing down Bangers all day long. Got these three shots in a matter of 5 minutes.  Invert, Gay twist, Backside Air....1,2,3.  Just like that!!!