Monday, September 20, 2010

O.C. Friday Surf Session

Headed down to O.C. at the end of last week to get some shots.  While everyone else was down at Trestles for the Hurley Pro, I wanted to see how the Wedge and Salt Creek were shaping up.   I think I hit the swell one day early but still came away with some quality stuff. There are some spongers getting crazy at the wedge, plus some artsy pictures of that beast of a wave.  Then some of the rippers at Salt Creek.

Actually, from the reports I think Montauk is the place to be right now. Plus sets are running at 10 feet plus and the wind is good. So if your in NYC, I hope you made it out for acouple of fun ones.

Until next time, Shred everyday as if it's your last. -T 

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