Monday, September 13, 2010

Moday Morning wishing for surf!

Good morning to all out there. Hope you had a shred-tastic weekend.  Kind of thinking about surfing this A.M and wishing for some of that sweet swell that the East Coast has been receiving lately.  Well good thing there is a major 200 degree south swell making it's way to southern Cali right now!!  The Swell will start to arrive on thursday but here threw Sunday is the official report for friday and saturday.

Friday the 17th the French Poly swell comes to its peak with surf running head high at most south facing breaks, 1-2' overhead on the better sets at standout south facing breaks.
Saturday the 18th looks similar: head high+ for south facing breaks, with the top spots seeing set waves maxing out around 1-2' overhead.

So definitely stoked to get some new surf shots up on the blog.  Those will be coming through the weekend.  But for right now here is one of my favorites from right here in Malibu.
Until Next time and remember "At first you don't shred, try until you do Shred"!

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