Wednesday, September 15, 2010

J.C. Stops by the Venice Skate Park!!

It seemed like any other day at the VSP.  Everyone skating, talking shit, and hanging out.  That was until Jesus Christ in the flesh showed up to see how his children play.  Jesus seemed to appear out of now where. This brought the park to a stand still and swiftly into mass hysteria.   Upon being invited into the park and taking a seat with all of us on a ledge, he had these questions: "How much did this place cost to make?",  "Who is the best skater here?", and finally "How do you do that and what does it feel like?".

J.C. seemed to really energize the skaters and I came away with these shots.  Here is Lance, Mighty, Cameron, Daniele, and Hayden all throwing down for him.  Before leaving he told us that Moses had forgotten the 11th Commandment, "You shall Shred thy Gnar".

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